The Gift of Sobriety

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. In that tradition, the author has decided to withhold her last name on this book which chronicles her gradual spiritual transformation from the first day she walked into an AA meeting until nine months later. It includes dreams, personal accounts of spiritual experiences, and reflections on topics discussed in AA as well as in books that the author found helpful in her spiritual quest that began well before AA. This sensitive account is meaningful to anyone who may have deep spiritual longing. The author gradually moves from feeling totally broken to a life of renewal and hope. It includes practical tools for living such as blessing others and asking God for personal change in the face of troubling personal relationships. It is hoped that it will help you along your own personal spiritual path.

PANDEMIC: A Call to Love

Dr. Rose Bruce is a professional Social Science researcher with thirty years experience writing research reports and books on research and spiritual awareness. Through this lens, she describes her personal and professional reaction to the unfolding of the Covid-19 Pandemic from March 21, 2020 to May 14, 2020. During these eight weeks of “shelter in place” living, Dr. Bruce recounts daily news updates, inspirational readings, thoughts and feelings as the Covid-19 virus spread across the United States and the world. Included are charts of the cases and deaths in the U.S. and the world. We experience the challenges and endurance familiar to everyone who lived through these times.

Le cadeau de la sobriété

L’anonymat est le fondement spirituel des Alcooliques anonymes. Dans cette tradition, l’auteure a décidé de ne pas inscrire son nom de famille dans ce livre qui relate sa transformation spirituelle progressive du premier jour où elle s’est rendue à une réunion des AA jusqu’à neuf mois plus tard. Il comprend des rêves, des récits personnels d’expériences spirituelles et des réflexions sur des sujets discutés dans les AA ainsi que dans des livres que l’auteur a trouvés utiles dans sa quête spirituelle commencée bien avant les AA. Ce récit sensible est significatif pour quiconque peut avoir un désir spirituel profond. L’auteur passe progressivement d’un sentiment de rupture totale à une vie de renouveau et d’espoir.

My Spiritual Unfolding

“With beginner’s mind, Dr. Rose Bruce takes us on a journey of discovery as she describes her first fifteen months of studying the Science of Mind philosophy at the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, California. She details her thoughts and experiences as she learns and applies new principles to her life leading to freedom from fear and a greater awareness of spirituality in her life. With clarity and insight, Dr. Bruce translates complex concepts into everyday application to her life. Her journey is truly inspiring.

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