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Phoenix Rising

Surrender is that moment when we realize and acknowledge to our innermost selves that we cannot stop drinking, that the option to “not drink” has been removed, that will power and desire to stop drinking have no effect to change our behavior. We may use different internal and external words like “I need help” or “I cannot do this anymore” or “I’m through living in this hell.” Before surrender, our life is one of attempts to manage and control our drinking and everything else in our life. These efforts are futile. But it may take us many years to realize the reality of that statement. Negative consequences are usually rationalized away or ignored so that we can shift our attention to our “go to,” to alcohol. Alcohol seems to be the answer to every situation in our lives: anxiety, sadness, relief, joy, celebration, feeling down… The mental preoccupation with alcohol can only be understood by an alcoholic. In the back of one’s mind is always the thought “do I have enough alcohol on hand for today” or “when can I take my next drink” or “I need more.” Life seems to be lived in a hurry to get to the reward, to “get to the next drink.” I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about.

Surrender is our moment of release from the powerful hold alcohol has over us. It is a moment of sanity and humility: we realize we do not have the answer to our lives, that our best efforts have left us broken, ashamed, humiliated, and defeated. Yet it is exactly in this moment that we are released and begin to feel the freedom from alcohol. We begin to learn how to live a completely new life. We “let go” and “let God.”

Gradually surrender becomes a daily practice. Many of us start the day with the Third Step Prayer, I offer myself to Thee, to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt… We learn to pause when agitated; to stop our automatic response to a situation, relax, and find our soul’s integrity. We look for opportunities to serve others in and outside of AA. Our life has a new meaning. This is the gift of sobriety.

A Layperson’s Guide to Understanding Research and Data Analysis

This book is written for busy people who need to understand the information that is flooding them and find ways to interpret it. You may be a business executive, a medical doctor, a stay-at-home mother or father wanting to understand the Gallup poll results in the daily newspaper, or a student studying nursing, counseling, psychology, sociology, or even mathematics. Yet you need to quickly be brought into the world of research and data analysis. It does not require that you dedicate a year of your life to take a course in social-science research and quantitative data analysis. In fact, this book will not have formulas or require you to calculate mathematical functions. But you do need to have the dedication to try to understand what might be considered another language. You can do it at a pace that suits your lifestyle. You might want to take a look at the index at the end of the book to see if there are any terms you’ve been interested in or wondered about. It is very nontraditional in that its focus is on the concepts behind these processes rather than asking you to learn formulas and how to calculate data. If you have a desire to learn more about what is going on, there are many excellent texts in the references.

The Gift of Sobriety

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. In that tradition, the author has decided to withhold her last name on this book which chronicles her gradual spiritual transformation from the first day she walked into an AA meeting until nine months later. It includes dreams, personal accounts of spiritual experiences, and reflections on topics discussed in AA as well as in books that the author found helpful in her spiritual quest that began well before AA.

This sensitive account is meaningful to anyone who may have deep spiritual longing. The author gradually moves from feeling totally broken to a life of renewal and hope. It includes practical tools for living such as blessing others and asking God for personal change in the face of troubling personal relationship. It is hoped that it will help you along your own personal spiritual path.

My Spiritual Unfolding:

Science of Mind

With beginner’s mind, Dr. Rose Bruce takes us on a journey of discovery as she describes her first fifteen months of studying the Science of Mind philosophy at the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, California. She details her thoughts and experiences as she learns and applies new principles to her life leading to freedom from fear and a greater awareness of spirituality in her life. With clarity and insight, Dr. Bruce translates complex concepts into
the everyday application to her life. Her journey is truly inspiring.



Dr. Rose Bruce is a professional Social Science researcher with thirty years of experience writing research reports and books on research and spiritual awareness. Through this lens, she describes her personal and professional reaction to the unfolding of the Covid-19 pandemic from March 21, 2020, to May 14, 2020. During these eight weeks of “shelter in place” living, Dr. Bruce recounts daily news updates, inspirational readings, thoughts, and feelings as the Covid-19 virus spread across the United States and the world. Included are charts of the cases and deaths in the U.S. and world. We experience the challenges and endurance familiar to everyone who lived through these times.

French version available

Le cadeau de la sobriété

L’anonymat est le fondement spirituel des Alcooliques anonymes. Dans cette tradition, l’auteure a décidé de ne pas inscrire son nom de famille dans ce livre qui relate sa transformation spirituelle progressive du premier jour où elle s’est rendue à une réunion des AA jusqu’à neuf mois plus tard. Il comprend des rêves, des récits personnels d’expériences spirituelles et des réflexions sur des sujets discutés dans les AA ainsi que dans des livres que l’auteur a trouvés utiles dans sa quête spirituelle commencée bien avant les AA.

Ce récit sensible est significatif pour quiconque peut avoir un désir spirituel profond. L’auteur passe progressivement d’un sentiment de rupture totale à une vie de renouveau et d’espoir. Cela inclut des outils pratiques pour vivre, comme bénir les autres et demander à Dieu un changement personnel face à des relations personnelles troublantes. Nous espérons que cela vous aidera sur votre propre chemin spirituel.

Spanish version available

El don de la sobriedad

El anonimato es la base espiritual de Alcohólicos Anónimos. En esa tradición, la autora ha decidido retener su apellido en este libro que narra su transformación espiritual gradual desde el primer día que entró a reunión de AA hasta nueve meses después. Incluye sueños, relatos personales de experiencias espirituales y reflexiones sobre temas discutidos en AA, así como en libros que la autora encontró útiles en su búsqueda espiritual que comenzó mucho antes de AA.

Esta cuenta sensible es significativa para cualquiera que tenga un profundo anhelo espiritual. La autora pasa gradualmente de sentirse totalmente rota, a una vida de renovación y esperanza. Incluye herramientas prácticas para vivir, como bendecir a otros y pedirle a Dios un cambio personal frente a las relaciones personales problemáticas. Se espera que le ayude a lo largo de su propio camino espiritual personal.

Admirably compact storytelling,

Kirkus Review for
“The Gift of Sobriety” by Rose B.

Kirkus noticed that the author cleverly adhered to AA’s “One day at a time” slogan because her entries “do feel very much of the moment.” Indeed, the memoir presents a clear depiction of the misery of addiction and highlights the solidarity of AA meetings, which factored in her recovery.

I was blown away by your book. When I read the part in which your first husband died and what’s the cause of his death and then you fall in love again and that person also died afterwards, it just brought me to tears. It made me realize that if I were in your shoes during those times, I would’ve probably gone crazy or perhaps committed suicide already. But the way you handled the situation added with your insurmountable will to turn things out is just sort of extraordinary. Your story is indeed without a doubt the best reference for people who are struggling with alcohol and want to change their lives of good.

Eleanor Wales
SOBRIETY HOME, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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This sensitive account is meaningful to anyone who may have deep spiritual longing. The author gradually moves from feeling totally broken to a life of renewal and hope.