What are we to do when we experience lack?

Joel Goldsmith in his book Practicing the Presence writes “The spiritual life reveals clearly that God’s grace is our sufficiency in all things. We do not need anything in this world except His grace” (p. 83). When we experience lack we are to declare unreservedly that “Thy Grace is my sufficiency.” Jesus teaches us “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be given unto you.”

In The Lord’s Prayer Jesus teaches us to accept each day our daily bread. We are to expect that God will provide us fully with everything we need. “Bread does not merely mean food but all that that we require for a healthy, happy, free, and harmonious life. This includes food, clothing, shelter, means to travel, books, and so on; above all, we require freedom” (Fox, p. 162). We are free to choose to accept the Divine Goodness or rely on our own self for supply.

“The I AM leads us to do and be that which we ought to do and be.” Emma Curtis Hopkins

“In God I live and move and have my being.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Release from anxiety

Unconditional Love is the basis of all that is: seen and unseen. It moves through the universes and through the smallest atom in perfect harmony. There is a natural rhythm to all things.
I know this Love is who I am. It expresses through me and as me.
I rejoice in this knowing and rest in the assurance that all is well. This Love guides me to be still and listen. It prompts me to move and speak when it is time. I need only rest in this Divine Love and all is well. Fear does not enter here. Only Light and Love abide. I am at peace. I am whole and complete. Nothing is lacking. I am upheld and supported by this Love. All is well.
I give thanks for this knowing, this shift in consciousness. I give thanks for this peace.
I release it knowing it is set into the Law of Life and is manifesting now as I speak.
And so it is.

Rose B.