Combat your anxiety, melancholy, and despair with these simple prayers.

Depression is a serious medical disease of the inner self. Though it’s treatable, it causes an emotional and physical problem. Most depressed individuals find it hard to work and experience the symptoms at any time of the day without warning. In most cases, they would think suicide as an escape for this sickness. That’s the very reason why psychology and spirituality treat depression as a crucial matter.

Depression is fatal. It disrupts the individual’s will to live. You feel worthless, helpless, and hopeless. You’re breathing, but terrified. You barely sleep. And usually beg, “When will it be over?” Though sadness and depression loom, a single prayer can lighten that heavy feeling, for God will be there. And once you realize that suffering can have a transformative power, depression becomes an opportunity for spiritual growth. Pressure becomes a challenge, and pain a teacher.  To keep your faith still, here are prayers for depression you can cry with your whole heart.

Always remember, you are not the only one who has experienced this feeling of uneasiness or inner turmoil. For many centuries, mankind has battled upon this subtle illness. Many people have fought this ugly specter. Some succeeded, but others failed—and thought of death as a solution. Keep your heart open wide to God’s embrace. Say these prayers for depression and melancholy, then let these calm the storm within you.